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"HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH" (volume 4) dvd-r

"HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH" (volume 4) dvd-r
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: from Heavy Metal to Brutal Death Metal
Country: various
Year: 2007 l.t.
Format: DVD-r

(DVD collection of horror music videos (horror films mixed with metal music) from obscure death, thrash and '80s metal bands, entitled "Horror Pain Gore Death")

Track list:
1. MASSACRE "From Beyond" (Zombie Lake)
2. NUM SKULL "Off With Your Head" (Deliria)
3. SICKENING GORE "Covered In Blood" (Color Me Blood Red)
4. ANVIL BITCH "Anvil Bitch" (I Spit On Your Grave)
5. BENEDICTION "Violation Domain" (The Headless Eyes)
6. DESTRUCTION "Mad Butcher" (The Mad Butcher)
7. THE ACCUSED "Grinning Like An Undertaker" (The Undertaker And His Pals)
8. BLOODLUST "Chainsaw" (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers)
9. LORD GORE "Morgue Whore" (Nekromantik 2)
10. NUCLEAR ASSAULT -"Radiation Sickness" (Nightmare City)
11. POST MORTEM "Ready To Die" (Opera)
12. ZNOWHITE "Sledgehammer" (Rocktober Blood)
13. OPPRESSOR "As Blood Flows" (Sleepaway Camp)
14. FORBIDDEN "March Into Fire" (The Burning)
15. CELTIC FROST "Dethroned Emperor" (Caligula: Untold Story)
16. OVERKILL "Death Rider" (Don't Open Till christmas)

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