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Hellcome to PROPAGANDA - shop of true things

We create Music. We listen Music. We spread Music.

We are ready to envenom Your souls and have 3005 thorns for this (updated on July 22nd 2021 l.t.).

Worthy collections and aesthetic pleasures to You.


10 years ago PROPAGANDA e-shop has started.

Year by year it becomes harder to publish and spread the physical releases.

It was never a real business in Underground and in most cases it was based on dedication and enthusiasm.

And though we understand that next 10 years will be even harder, we won't compromise with "new normal" and, as before, will support the culture of collecting and aesthetic listening which only physical releases can give.

We'll not ask you to "subscribe/like/follow" us in social dumps. We'll not offer you "fantastic discounts and gifts". We don't flirt with buyers, we believe that real buyers are able to respect our really honest and professional work.

You have a right to express your attitude to Music in times of total digitalization. You can surprise us with your order or stay where you are.

Buying a hard copy of a release you respect yourself as collector and listener. You also respect all who made this release possible.

p.s. All funds received from current sales are spending on our future release.

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