Perhaps, this is first musical compact disc in the history that was released during the war.

This is the first official cd of musical medium Belita Adair.

The convulsions of life didn't stop her.
You will remember this look and will know that such attitude exists.
Spiritual nexus of ominous entity with Devilish energy. Invisible presence of the other side in this world.

Definition: Black Metal Mass
Country: USA
Year: release date - 24.02.22 l.t., announced - 21.03.22 l.t.
Details: created in 2006 l.t., mastered by Dmitriy Bondarenko of AudioAlchemiA studio (Kharkiv city, Ukraine) in December 2021 l.t.
Format: 3 panel digipack sleeve CD with card, lim. to 999
Total time: 44:01

Track list:
1. Belial /06:22/
2. A taste of bitter honey /05:34/
3. Circle of hate /07:15/
4. I want your blood /14:24/
5. Eaten by worms /04:16/
6. In the phantoms bedroom /06:05/

Order from PROPAGANDA comes with exclusive A4 poster and numbered plastic card with golden embossing (from BELL-030 to BELL-100).

SATANIC CORPSE "Belial" digipack sleeve cd

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