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BUXEN/ AIFUR/ MORDHELL 3 way split cd

BUXEN/ AIFUR/ MORDHELL 3 way split cd
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: Black Metal
Country: Italy/Sweden/Poland
Label: Kampf rec.
Year: 2007 l.t.
Format: 3 way split CD, lim. to 500 handnumbered copies
Total time: 76:47

Track list:
BUXEN "...sine morte mortuus... sine vita vivens..."
1. He-Goats Chapel
2. Venit Mors Sanctissima (Nunc, Semper ut Cumque)
3. The Seal of the Black Death
4. The Chalice of the Black Death
5. The Black Sceptre of the Death
AIFUR "Destroying Life"
6. Submission
7. Nuclear Bliss
8. Asphyxiation
9. Soul Stealer
MORDHELL "Suicide Blood"
10. Unaware Slave
11. Suicide Blood
12. Hellish Perversion
13. War, Fire, Destruction and Hell
14. Worship Me, Slave
15. Torture and Fuckin' Death

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