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Compil. cd + compil. dvd "DEATH TO MENTAL SLAVES"

Compil. cd + compil. dvd "DEATH TO MENTAL SLAVES"
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Definition: Black Metal, Death Metal
Country: various
Label: Pagan Flames prod.
Year: 2006 l.t.
Format: compil. CD + compil. video pro DVD
Total time: CD - 78:02

DVD Contents:
Nachtmystium "My Vengeance" Live footage 2004
Satan's Almighty Penis "Empire of the Necromancers" Music Video
Forest of Impaled "I am the Temple to Eternal Death" Live footage
Demoncy "Night Song (Apocalyptic Dawn)" Live footage
Fog "From within the Darkness Beyond Eternity" Live footage
Abhor "Live footage" Italy 2003
Death Dies "Thorazine" Music Video
Hell-Born "The Call of Megiddo" Live footage
Holmgang "I vinterens favn" Live footage
Loits "Furor Aesticus" Live footage
Nokturne666 "Embracer of Dark Ages" Music Video
Teratism "Bloodthirst and Misanthropy" Live footage
To Scale the Throne "The Fog" Live footage

CD Contents:
Ravendawn "Upon Bloody Moonrises"
Blackhorned "The Blackhorned Avenger"
Church Bizarre "Enigma of Hades"
Nekros "A Rain Of Darkness"
Erasmus "The Sport of Pillage (O' Sacred Chaos)"
Dom Dracul "Genocide in the name of Satan"
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse "Dancing Demons in the Grey-Lit Glade"
Blashyrk "And in the End they shall know my name"
Mephistophelian "As I lay pt I"
Hills of Sefiroth "We Drink of our Father's Cup"
Hellgoat "Summon Him"
Destroy Humanity Now "Birth of a Grey God"
Aesthenia "Sojourner Upon a Vast Auroral Plain"
Sanguis "Static Eccentricity" Video

Compil. cd + compil. dvd "DEATH TO MENTAL SLAVES"
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