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Compil. cd "Evil Warriors Of Southern Lands"

Compil. cd "Evil Warriors Of Southern Lands"
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: Black Metal
Country: mainly brazilian bands
Label: Goat Music rec. 
Format: CD
Total time: 67:36

CORPUS CHRISTI "Profanes Pagans wails of the Damned Heaven's Sons"
VULTOS VOCIFEROS "Crucifixo de Almas"
ERIS MAESTUS "Morbid and Unfortunate Creature"
PACTUM "Luciferi Glorium"
REGNUM UMBRA IGNIS "The Cult to the Night of the Times"
KABARAH "Pagan Art"
GOVANON "The Lord Satan"
DARK PARAMOUNT "Thy Magnific Reverence"
DESDOMINUS "Reality f Whispers Mine"
TRIUMPH "Under the Fire veils"
PSICODEATH "Melody of Death"
KREDITOR "Till Fire Burn

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