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Compil. cd "Ewigkeit – I"

Compil. cd "Ewigkeit – I"
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Price: 7.00€

Band: various
Title: "Ewigkeit – I"
Definition: Black Metal
Country: Germany/Austria/Sweden/Finland...
Label: Eternity rec.
Format: compil. CD
Total time: 63:24

Track list:
Trist (Ger) - Intro
Northestront - Zehrende Wehr
Horna - Voima Syvyydesta
Raate – The Seer
Obscure Anachronism - The Turning Point
Myrkwid - Pure Blood, Pure War 2
Svartnar - Greppet Om Vansinnet
Kargvint - Verschmelzung kosmischer Koexistenz
Kaltetod - Atherwinde
Trist (Ger) - Outro

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