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Compil. digibook pro cd-r "Atrum Toringi"

Compil. digibook pro cd-r "Atrum Toringi"
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Price: 8.00€

Definition: Black Metal
Country: all from Germany
Label: Atrum Toringi
Year: january 2007 l.t.
Format: compil. digibook black pro CD-r, 28 pages
Total time: 65:25

Track list:
1. COLDWORLD "Hymn to eternal Frost"
2. SEELENGREIF "Tranengrab"
3. MORTOK "Damonen der Nacht"
4. PESTIS "Auf ewig Schwarz" (live)
5. MORTJURI "Wintersturm"
6. DEVILISH "Kapitel 3"
7. WOLFSSCHREI "The Witness of my Defiance"
8. INFAUST " ...eines trauenden im Sinn"
9. WOLFHETAN "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" (Mayhem cover)
10. FLAMMENSTURM "Das dreckige Dutzend"
11. ODAL "Flammendes Schwert"
12. GOATSEND "Goatsend Morning Glory"

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