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FOETICIDE "Inside my Blood" double cd

FOETICIDE "Inside my Blood" double cd
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Price: 10.00€

Definition: Death Metal
Country: Mexico
Label: Omeyocan prod./Ablaze prod.
Year: 2008 l.t.
Format: double CD
Total time: 101:05

Track list:
"Inside My Blood"
1. In This War
2. Inside My Blood
3. Resistance
4. Impiodissector
5. Born In Blood
6. Rebellion
7. Mechanical Mind
8. War And Flesh
9. Slithr Death
10. Extinction
11. Frozen

"The Early Years Of Rage"
1. Spermatic Introduction
2. Necropediatric Infection
3. Miscarried By Purulent Infestation
4. Putrefact Corpse
5. Foeticide
6. Death Is Creation
7. Reflections About Life And Death
8. In My Black Sky
9. The Lament Of My Souls
10. Deadly Epidemic
11. Destruction Of The Human Race
12. Nuclear Death

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