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HOLY DEATH "The Knight, Death and the Devil" cd

HOLY DEATH "The Knight, Death and the Devil" cd
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: Black Metal
Country: Poland
Label: fallen angel
Year: recorded in 2004 l.t.
Format: CD + bonus multimedia
Total time: 52:29

Track list:
1. Whispers of the Soul
2. Thunder of Revenge
3. The Battlefield Act J & JJ
4. Riding the Hellstorms
5. Holy Death
6. Fallen Angel
7. Power from Hell (Glory of Lucifer) 8. Standing Under the Cross
9. Lucyfer
10. Call From the Grave (Bathory Cover)
11. Beat of Flame (Hellias Cover)
12. Princess of the Dawn (Accept Cover)
+ bonus multimedia - Devil's Art Gallery 2005 l.t.

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