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"HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH" (volume 3) dvd-r

"HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH" (volume 3) dvd-r
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: from Heavy Metal to Brutal Death Metal
Country: various
Year: 2006 l.t.
Format: DVD-r

(DVD collection of horror music videos (horror films mixed with metal music) from obscure death, thrash and '80s metal bands, entitled "Horror Pain Gore Death")

Track list:
1. CANCER "Blood Bath"
2. INTERNAL BLEEDING "Inhuman Suffering"
3. SLAYER "Criminally Insane"
4. MENTORS "Peepin' Tom"
5. MORTA SKULD "Consuming Existence"
6. SODOM "Outbreak Of Evil" 7. NECKTIE "Hostages"
8. BLUDWULF "The Horror"
9. SLAUGHTER "Fuck Of Death"
10. TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Thrashing Death"
11. SEXCREMENT "Menstrual Money Shot"
12. SAVAGE GRACE "Into The Fire"
13. SUFFOCATION "Infecting The Crypts"
14. KREATOR "Pleasure To Kill"
15. SEPULTURA "R.I.P. (Rest In Pain)"
16. VENOM "Don't Burn The Witch"

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