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IN AETERNUM "Past and present sins" cd

IN AETERNUM "Past and present sins" cd
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: Death-Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Orion Music Entertainment/Necropolis rec.
Year: 2001 l.t.
Format: CD
Total time: 66:23

Track list:
1. Cursed legions
2. Demon possession
3. Witches spell
4. The arrival of the horde
5. The pale black death
6. Black moon attraction
7. Defeat life
8. The storm of triumph
9. Countess Bathory (cover Venom)
10. Abigail (cover King Diamond)
11. Wolves blood (live)
12. Revelation of hell (live)
13. Ultimate warface (live)
14. When the vultures left (live)

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