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SHUB NIGGURATH "Horror Creatures" cd

SHUB NIGGURATH "Horror Creatures" cd
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Price: 7.00€

Definition: Death-Thrash Metal
Country: Mexico
Label: American Line prod.
Year: 2006 l.t.
Format: CD
Total time: 78:48

Track list:
"Horror Creatures" - demo 89/90
Intro/Nightmare From Beyond
Hybrid Race (Carnage Of Bestiality)
Disembowelment Slaughter To the Flesh
Horror Creatures/Outro
"Unknown Adorer" 7'ep'91
Abominations Of Ancient Gods
Demons Conjuration
"Blasphemies of Nether World" 7'ep'92
Legions From the Absu
Unnamable Evocation
Sub-human Immortality
Live Agora'93
Disembowelment Slaughter To the Flesh (live)
Morbid Race (live)
Abominations Of Ancient Gods (live)
The Truth (live)
Demons Conjuration (live)
Session 18/9/90
Nightmares From Beyond
Chapel of Ghouls
After World Obliteration

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